Purple to Green Belt DVD




This DVD contains the grading requirements for

    Purple Belt to Green Belt

  • Foot work Drills – Splitting & Circling
  • Punches –Angular Hook Punches, Back Swing & Spinning Elbows 
  • Spear Technique   
  • Kicking Techniques – 360 Degree Roundhouse, Inverted Kick
  • Clinches  Left & Right – Double Clinch with Skip Knees
  • Tensho Kata
  • Tensho KataApplications (Bunkai)
  • Tensho Flow Drill
  • Throws and Takedowns – Hip Throw  & Variations
  • Jiu Jitsu – Groundfighting –

       Open Guard, Triangle Choke, Hooking Arm Bar, Guillotine Choke

       Sweeps – Sitting Roll Over, Front & Back Sweeps

       Leg Grab Rollover Sweep   

  • Miyazato Bo Kata & Bo Flow Drill
  • Arnis Stickfighting - 6 Count Drill, 4 Count Drill with Arbaniko Watik Strikes, The 9 Basic Strikes


Fri, Aug 18
7pm Warriors Wisdom Part 1
When Fri, Aug 18, 7pm
Where Kauaeranga Valley Education Camp, Kauaeranga Valley Rd, Coromandel Forest Park 3592, New Zealand (map)
Sat, Sep 9
10am Instructor Certification Weekend Part 1 of 2
When Sat, Sep 9, 10am
Where Thames Civic Centre, 200 Mary St, Thames 3500, New Zealand (map)
Sun, Sep 10
Sat, Sep 23
10am Instructor Certification Part 2 of 2
When Sat, Sep 23, 10am
Where Civic Centre, Mary Street, Thames (map)
Sun, Sep 24
10am Instructor Certification weekend Part 2 day 2
When Sun, Sep 24, 10am
Where Civic Centre Mary Street Thames (map)
Sat, Nov 11
10am 2 Day All ranks camp
When Sat, Nov 11, 10am
Where Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp, 304 Kauaeranga Valley Rd, Thames 3577, New Zealand (map)
Fri, Dec 1
6pm Black Belt Grading
When Fri, Dec 1, 6pm
Where Thames High School, Sealey St, Thames 3500, New Zealand (map)
Sat, Dec 2
10am All rank grading day
When Sat, Dec 2, 10am
Where Thames High School, Sealey St, Thames 3500, New Zealand (map)