All Ranks Grading July 2017
All Ranks Grading July 2017
Black Belt Grading July 2017
Black Belt Grading July 2017
All Ranks Grading Dec 2016
All Ranks Grading Dec 2016
Black Belt Grading 2016 Dec
Black Belt Grading 2016 Dec
Steampunk Demo Nov 2016
Steampunk Demo Nov 2016
Demo 2016 Sep
Demo 2016 Sep
Black Belt Grading 2016 Jul
Black Belt Grading 2016 Jul
Black & Brown Belt Advanced Training Weekend 2016
Black & Brown Belt Advanced Training Weekend 2016
Black Belt Grading 2015 Dec
Black Belt Grading 2015 Dec
Gradings July 4th & 5th 2015
Gradings July 4th & 5th 2015
Training with Masters from around the world
Training with Masters from around the world
Naihanchin Kata (Session 2) - March 2015
Naihanchin Kata (Session 2) - March 2015
Warriors Wisdom Part 1 - April 2015
Warriors Wisdom Part 1 - April 2015
Childrens Day 2015
Childrens Day 2015
Home Gallery
Home Gallery
Ultimate Warrior Challenge March 2014
Ultimate Warrior Challenge March 2014
Kaitaia Visit 2014
Kaitaia Visit 2014
Black Belt Grading 2014- July & Dec
Black Belt Grading 2014- July & Dec

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts focuses on teaching highly effective self defence for all ages and levels of physical ability. We are a Martial Art, not a competitive sport.

Our art is taught in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation that builds confidence and self-esteem. We emphasize a supportive, positive, family atmosphere and combine self defence skills with the internal aspects of the arts to optimize your health and energy.

  • Anyone can participate regardless of age, gender, or fitness level
  • Our primary focus is Self Defence and Health and Fitness for the whole family
  • You learn highly effective Self Defence skills for all ranges and situations
  • Learn how to protect yourself and your family
  • Our Total Body Workouts tone and shape your body
  • The training also develops whole-brain learning capability
  • You train in a fun, safe, supportive, environment with Professional Instructors
  • The training will improve your performance in any other activity or sport
  • You will increase self-mastery, confidence, and self-discipline
  • Strip away old limitations, fears and habits, and unlock your true potential
  • Learn real skills to improve your ability to cope with the pressures of modern life

Martial Arts Syllabus

Self Defence

Our comprehensive syllabus gives you real skills and strategies that work regardless of your age or physical ability. Kiaido Ryu has a traditional martial arts base and also incorporates the most effective skills and techniques from many self defence arts both ancient and modern.

The skills taught at every level of our progressive syllabus, from White Belt to the Advanced levels of Black Belt, cover all types and ranges of attack and defence and include: modern Street Self Defence techniques, Traditional Karate Kata, (empty hand and weapons forms) and their applications.

The curriculum incorporates, striking, kicking, grappling, joint-locking, throws and takedowns, and groundfighting, from Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

The effectiveness of all the above skills are enhanced by extensive training in the Six levels of Kata application (Bunkai), and basic and advanced Pressure Point knowledge (Kyusho Jitsu and Tuite Jitsu). This aspect of our art utilizes the same pressure points and meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine; Acupressure and Acupuncture. 
A key point here is that the Pressure Point knowledge only enhances your self defence skills, it does not replace them. You must first have good fighting skills and knowledge that will work for you in real situations.

Students are also taught a complete martial arts weapons syllabus which includes: Bo (staff), Jo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Sai, Katana (sword), and the Philippine Stick-fighting arts of Modern Arnis and Arnis Mati. 

In addition to physical Self Defence techniques, you will learn and develop: nonviolent conflict resolution skills, strategies and tactics, fear management skills, psychological self defence, confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem. 

Kiaido Ryu has an open-minded philosophy of growth and continuous improvement in every area of our curriculum. This philosophy, combined with our active involvement in the international martial arts community, means that we are always in touch with the latest developments and innovations. Students of Kiaido Ryu learn one of the most comprehensive and progressive martial arts systems in the world. The routines in this element of our art also promote whole-brain learning.

Students have the opportunity to learn more on this aspect in classes, camps and special seminars

Internal ArtsInternal Arts

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts dynamic martial arts training also blends centering, breathing, and meditation techniques, to assure that you gain optimum levels of skill and health and fitness, to attain the best physical, mental, and emotional shape of your life. 

The internal aspect of Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts teaches time-honored Pressure Points and Ki Energy techniques for health and well-being. This includes breathing, Centering, progressive relaxation, Meditation, and Qigong (energy boosting exercises)

This holistic approach to health and well-being contains many practical techniques for energy restoration, pain relief, optimum health, and enhances healing of yourself and others. Students have the opportunity to learn many of these techniques in classes, camps and seminars.

Our Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts training program and Qigong exercises develop your internal strength and energy levels. This has health and energy benefits that compliment every other sport or activity that you do.

Warriors Wisdom - Self Mastery

Warriors Wisdom

The Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts Warriors Wisdom element of our art teaches Mind/Body/Spirit, Self Mastery principles for optimizing your personal growth and development.

Based on martial art philosophies and principles, and developing human potential, our Warriors Wisdom program is the Self Mastery aspect of our art. It gives students the knowledge and skills to apply their martial arts training for personal growth in all areas of their lives. You learn how to apply your thinking to better realize your goals, to develop your skills and talents, to develop your imagination and creativity, and to truly apply yourself to achieve your fullest potential.

Students learn to identify and develop their unique skills and talents, to improve their concentration, self-discipline  and focus, to eliminate fears and limitations from their lives, which also builds their self-esteem. 

Kiaido Ryu instructors know that their role is not to create followers but to develop leaders, to help students really tap into their personal power, to give them the courage and skills to pursue their goals with creative vision and passion. Our intent is to empower students with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to walk their own path to achieve their fullest potential.
Students have the opportunity to learn more on this aspect in classes and camps which have 2 levels (Warrior Wisdom Part1 & Part2) and special seminars.

Sep 2016 Demonstration Videos and Pictures

Nov 2016 Steampunk Videos

Dec 2016 Black Belt Grading

Dec 2016 All Ranks Grading + Ni Dan


Fri, Aug 18
7pm Warriors Wisdom Part 1
When Fri, Aug 18, 7pm
Where Kauaeranga Valley Education Camp, Kauaeranga Valley Rd, Coromandel Forest Park 3592, New Zealand (map)
Sat, Sep 9
10am Instructor Certification Weekend Part 1 of 2
When Sat, Sep 9, 10am
Where Thames Civic Centre, 200 Mary St, Thames 3500, New Zealand (map)
Sun, Sep 10
Sat, Sep 23
10am Instructor Certification Part 2 of 2
When Sat, Sep 23, 10am
Where Civic Centre, Mary Street, Thames (map)
Sun, Sep 24
10am Instructor Certification weekend Part 2 day 2
When Sun, Sep 24, 10am
Where Civic Centre Mary Street Thames (map)
Sat, Nov 11
10am 2 Day All ranks camp
When Sat, Nov 11, 10am
Where Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp, 304 Kauaeranga Valley Rd, Thames 3577, New Zealand (map)
Fri, Dec 1
6pm Black Belt Grading
When Fri, Dec 1, 6pm
Where Thames High School, Sealey St, Thames 3500, New Zealand (map)
Sat, Dec 2
10am All rank grading day
When Sat, Dec 2, 10am
Where Thames High School, Sealey St, Thames 3500, New Zealand (map)

Next Event

Warriors Wisdom Weekend Part 1
The Warrior’s Path to Life Transformation

Venue to be added as Kaur Valley Camp still unexcessible, Thames

7pm Friday 18th August –Saturday 19th to 2pm Sunday 20th Aug 2017

This course is open to anyone wishing to make positive some changes in their lives

Do you want to change your life this year?

Learn how to do things differently for far better results.
Gain keys to your creative power for Personal Success and Life Fulfillment.
Many Adults and Teens have transformed their lives with this course
These Keys and Tools can be applied by anyone.

Course content includes the tools to help you:
• Increase inner strength, confidence, and self-discipline
• Get clear on your life direction and purpose
• Stop your fears and beliefs from limiting your life
• Gain keys to optimum health and well-being
• Develop an indomitable “Warriors Spirit”
• Access your creative power
• Apply 8 Warrior Insights to manifest the results you really want
• Uncover and develop your unique skills and talents
• Define and take action on your greatest vision and goals
• Develop the mind powers and discipline to attain your goals
• Protect and increase your Personal energy

 All courses are run in an enjoyable, relaxed environment, with no role plays.

Register by Aug 14th  through your Instructor
OR Contact: Lance or Ava Strong:
021502333 – 078690180  
for registration Form                          

Course Fee ($240)
includes: all meals, course materials and content, shared accommodation
(bring sleeping bag, pillow, towels, toilet gear, GOOD TORCH, warm jacket/hat, walking shoes).